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This quote was one of the most important sentences during Bernadette's childhood in Germany and for sure very important when it comes to the purchase of a sofa! We are aware that a sofa is among the most expensive ticket items for your home but beside your bed it is also one of the most important. 

During your purchase focus on the right balance between style, quality and comfort of your selection. Do not get attract only because you see a piece with contemporary clean lines and beautiful colors. Touch it, sit on it and ask questions. Good manufacturers focus on details and the right mix of style, craftsmanship values and quality. Relaxing on a sofa should be a authentic constant pleasure. Quality sofas are made by skilled craftsmen not machines, who use only the finest materials and best manufacturing skills. Producing a high quality, comfortable sofa takes time, highly skilled craftsmen and top quality materials inside and out. It is impossible to manufacture those pieces on a dime.  

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection’s Designer sofas are reasonable. Bernadette is satisfying her customers needs by working close with domestic and Italian (real made in Italy) manufactures and guarantees high quality procedure and maximum quality. The results of their craftsmanship make truly excellent sofas for your home. 

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BESPOKE- Luxury (gun) safe Made in Germany 
I received my newest addition to my Collection, the world’s first luxury gun safe. Did you know that the word security comes from the Latin word se dura- to be without concern?
Bernadette Schaeffler 
is proud
to announce the collaboration with the German manufacturer of high quality safes
Our custom made store sample is built to give you an example of German craftsmanship and demonstrates well, how we can design your dream piece for your jewelry, watches, art or weapons. Everything is possible! 

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